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Ice Melter – Organic Vs Traditional Products

Ice Melter should be top of mind for most at this time of year. With wind-chill pushing temperatures well into the -20’s, it’s all but a guarantee that we are going to get ice-covered walkways. 

Although, what product is right for your home? 

Fora Outdoor Living carries 2 types; Organic Ice Melter and Traditional Ice Melter. Let’s do a quick dive into the differences between the two. 

Traditional Ice Melter – Hot Pink & How It Works

Hot Pink is our traditional ice melter and like many other traditional products, Hot Pink uses a blend of chemicals to help quickly melt stubborn ice patches around your home. 

Hot Pink Melt is a blend of 80% sodium chloride and 20% magnesium chloride. So, it works in temperatures to -25 degrees celsius with long residual effectiveness. 

The sodium chloride (rock salt) in the Hot Pink Ice Melt creates heat when it mixes with water, creating efficient ice and snowmelt. 

Hot Pink Ice Melter at Fora Outdoor Living in Ancaster Ontario

What Makes Hot Pink Unique? 

What makes Hot Pink Ice Melt different from other sodium chloride products is its pink colour and blend with magnesium chloride.

Of course, we would be foolish to not add that this company is known not only for melting ice but for supporting those in need. 

Every year, Hot Pink Ice Melter donates money to families affected by breast cancer. 

With the purchase of a bag of Hot Pink Ice Melter – You are financially supporting families who need help covering expenses associated with this horrible disease. 

Hot Pink Ice Melter Team Making Donation

Is Hot Melt Safe?

The safety risks with using the product are very minimal and similar to the risks of using sodium chloride (rock salt) in general. 

Use common safety procedures when handling. Cover your skin, however, contact may only cause slight irritation. Keep away from open cuts and make sure everything it will touch is dry. Though safe to work with, it is harmful if ingested. If this does happen call your local authorities.

Organic Melt – Eco Solutions & How it Works

Fora Outdoor Living also carries the Eco Solution Organic Ice Melter. 

Eco Solution Organic is a mixture of organic “FUSION” liquid deicer. This product is made from “sugar beet” and refined salt to create a highly effective and less corrosive deicer. 

This product does not contain any chemicals like calcium or magnesium chloride.

Eco Solutions Organic Ice Melter at Fora Outdoor Living in Ancaster Ontario

How Safe is Organic Ice Melter? 

Organic Ice Melter is a safer option than traditional melters when it comes to corrosive properties. It is advertised pet friendly, and even non-staining. 

That being said, we still suggest using common safety procedures when handling. Cover your skin and keep away from open cuts. 

As always, if you’re ever in doubt – follow the directions on the product itself. 

spreading ice melter salt on the ground in Ancaster Ontario

Where Can I Find These Products? 

Fora Outdoor Living carries both Hot Pink Ice Melter and Eco Solutions Organic Ice Melter. Both products are priced at $9.99 and both products have their own set of unique attributes.  

We suggest making the trip over to your local Fora today to compare these two for yourself! 

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