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New Patio Furniture at Fora Outdoor Living

First it was Krahn Patio Furniture from Ontario, then it was 4 Seasons Furniture from Holland. Now Fora Outdoor Living has added another line to the sales floor. This time, 100% from Italy.

Nardi Patio Furniture is here and we have a feeling it’s exactly what you need for your yard.

What is Nardi Furniture?

For over 30 years, Nardi has produced resin furniture for outdoor use. Furniture that is suitable for both residential and contract settings, owing to an in-depth search into the best design and quality.

Nardi patio furniture comes in plenty of styles, colour options, and sizes for any yard or commercial setting.

We also carry plenty of stock options so wait times are small if there is any at all!

Nardi is built with sustainability, design, durability and creativity in mind. You can see this is all 195 different backyard products that they produce.

How is Nardi Furniture Sustainable?

Nardi Furniture is 100% recyclable.

The Polypropylene used in making this resin furniture is pure, and is not contaminated by other materials. Thanks to this particular feature, it can be separated by colour and reprocessed during the recovery stage, making our products completely recyclable.

In addition, Nardi has always focused on sustainable development, which is why they have launched a series of studies to assess the environmental impact of their products (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment).

This is a truly unique brand that makes a fantastic addition to the Fora Outdoor patio furniture line up.

Where Can I Find Nardi Patio Furniture?

Fora Outdoor Living is a proud distributor. Visit us in either Norwich or Ancaster today to get started with making your patio a beautiful and more sustainable place.

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