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TerraFlame Fire Bowls – Gel Fuel Tabletop Fire Bowls For Your Patio

Is there a better place to gather around than the flickering flames of a fire? Back in 2015, that was the thought that inspired the TerraFlame™ collection of fire features

Now, you can find them at Fora Outdoor Living – But what are TerraFlame Fire Bowls, and how do they work? Let us help you with that one.

What is a TerraFlame Fire Bowl?

A fire bowl is nearly as simple as it sounds – It’s a decorative bowl, with a flame. These bowls are made to be a modern and balanced addition to your home or patio décor.

TerraFlame has set out to design warm and relaxing ambience, indoors and outdoors by making these bowls small, and easy to carry.

These products are often used as soft patio lighting, relaxing tabletop pieces, and even mini fire-pits on S’mores night.

TerraFlame Fire Bowl lit in the home
TerraFlame Fire Bowl in the Home

Are TerraFlame Products Safe?

Of course!

TerraFlame Fire Bowls can be used INDOORS and OUTDOORS. They include 3-13oz. cans of Terra Flame Gel Fuel that crackles with sounds of a real campfire.

With your home and family in mind, the Pure Gel Fuel by SunJel is non-toxic. This gel burns clean, odourless and smoke-free.

Each gel can is a mix of pure 99% Isopropyl, Ethanol, and organic thickeners. This means each can is also food safe.

Plus each canister burns at 3000 BTUs for up to 3 hours. This, coupled with an average of a 7 inch flame height for a warm radiant heat that you can get cozy with.

Lastly, you can get the fuels in Citronella scents to help keep everyone happy on those warm summer nights!

Is the TerraFlame Durable?

Each TerrFlame is hand-cast from organic sustainable concrete. The Fire Bowl’s do not get hot and each unit has a natural finish with just a touch of sparkle to it.

It’s one of the best interior and exterior design pieces we carry at Fora!

Where Can I Find These Products? 

Fora Outdoor Living carries multiple styles of bowls in different colours along with refill gel cans to keep you fully stocked!

We suggest making the trip over to your local Fora today to see these wonderful design pieces for yourself! 

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