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Tropical Plants Return to Fora – Everyone’s Favourite

Move your regular old houseplants aside. Fora Outdoor Living has something different for your living room.

We recently received our first shipment of tropicals from Florida and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s one of our favourite shipments of the year. It has become a guilty pleasure for many of our staff and family members alike.

First of all, tropical plants are gorgeous. They are known for their deep greens, vibrant colours, and pleasantly surprising flowers. Not to mention the fact that they make for wonderful houseplants since they are simple to plant and maintain indoors all year round.

But you already knew all this. So, what’s new?

Well, we have some incredible finds that made their way into our greenhouse that can be yours!

The Australian Tree Fern

Take the typical image you think of when you think fern and flip it on its head. This is more like a tree.

Australian Tree Fern

Most ferns achieve a mature height of 18 inches but the Australian Tree Fern can grow up to 25 feet or more! It may make it difficult to keep indoors as your average houseplant, but if you have space for it, it’s a beautiful and unique addition to any space.

We have 3 of these Australian Tree Ferns in stock in both of our stores at the time of writing this.

The King Sago Palm

This palm is old. These plants have been around since the prehistoric days of the dinosaurs.

King Sago Palm

There are male and female Sago Palms. Each spring, the males produce a golden cone-shaped like a huge pinecone. This pinecone like cone may grow over two feet tall in mature male Sago Palms.

The Female plant produces an incredible flower that opens slowly when the plant is fertile.

Most Sago Palms need to be 12-15 years old before they are mature enough to bloom. So, consider this tropical plant an investment. It’s also important to note that a 12-year-old Sago Palm will grow a trunk that is 10-14 inches in diameter and a leaf spread 5-6 feet wide.

The King Sago Palm becomes quite the plant if you have space, and time to watch it fully develop.

Ready to Load up on New Plants?

Now is the time to stop by Fora Outdoor living. We received these 2 unique tropical plants and many, many more fan favourites that are sure to brighten up any space in your home.

Call or visit us in-store for more details.

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