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UNA Grill, The Portable Grill for Your Busy Schedule

Meet the UNA grill. The unique portable grill for you to take on the go almost anywhere.

What Makes the UNA Grill Great?

Aside from coming in different colours, the UNA is super-fast and easy to set up and clean. All you need to do is take the lid off and use it as the base of your grill. Use two or three small fire starter blocks under the coals and start grilling once the flames have died down. 

The body and lid can be cleaned with a mild soap solution. All of the stainless steel parts are dishwasher-safe, so there is no need for scrubbing!

Una Grill being built

What Can it Be Used For?

Anything you cook on a normal sized BBQ, you can cook on the UNA Grill.

The smaller the grill, the less charcoal you need. Small it might be, but make no mistake about it, these are big enough to fit a steak. Plus, it’s as easy to cook vegetables as it is meat.

Una Grill cooking meat

Will the UNA Grill Last on Trips?

The short answer here is yes.

With a body made from two powder-coated sheets of carbon steel, these portable BBQs are built to last.

Not to mention that these come with a leather strap handle for easy carrying and are made with eco-friendly materials.

Where Can I Get Mine?

Fora Outdoor Living of course. We have plenty of colour combinations in stock in both Ancaster and Norwich.

Give us a call or visit us in store for more details today!

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