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Iron Embers

Tamarack Log Holder

Starting at $299
Viewable in: Ancaster, Norwich

Tamarack Log Holder

The Tamarack Log Holder allows you to store and organize firewood near your fire pit or indoor hearth. Match your Iron Embers setup with a log holder that has the right capacity to keep your fires burning bright while making fewer trips to the woodpile.

Starting at

2′ Log Holder – $299.00

3′ Log Holder – $399.00

4′ Log Holder – $549.00

5′ Log Holder – $749.00

Weight 22 lbs (9.9 kg)
Steel Thickness 1/8″ (3.2 mm)

The 2′ Tamarack Log Holder is a small, convenient, and stylish fireside solution for managing your firewood. This log holder makes a practical addition for use with indoor fireplaces and wood stoves. Or, pair this log holder with a small fire pit like the 2′ Polygon Bowl for a uniform backyard setup.

Easy to Handle: An advantage of the smaller lightweight design of the 2′ Tamarack Log Holder and maintaining the flexibility to move or store it when you need it out of the way.

Built to Last: Constructed from 1/8″ plate steel and painted Matte Black to match your Iron Embers fire pit, your Tamarack Log Holder is built to stand alongside your Iron Embers fire pit for many years to come.

Keep Your Wood Dry: Tarp Covers are only available upon request, please email [email protected] for more information on Tamarack Log Holder Tarp Covers.

The 2′ Tamarack Log Holder is ideal for wood and logs cut from 12 to 14 inches in length.

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